US in talks with Greece on buying shells for Ukraine

Soldiers of Ukraine's state border guard discuss the agenda at a military position in the Sumy region, Ukraine, Friday, Nov. 24, 2023. [Hanna Arhirova/AP]

The US is reportedly discussing with Greece the sale of a total of 75,000 artillery shells from the Hellenic Armed Forces' stockpile as part of the effort to replenish Ukrainian ammunition in the war against Russia.

The Americans will buy a total of 50,000 105 mm caliber, 20,000 155 mm caliber and 5,000 larger 203 mm caliber projectiles and negotiations are in the final phase. The total price negotiated by the Greek side is $47 million.

These negotiations have been useful for the Greek side not only in terms of benefits, as a resource is secured which will be used by the Armed Forces, but also to make it clear that the production of ammunition can be more widely profitable.

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