Diplomatic spat unlikely to hinder Parthenon deal talks

File photo.

The diplomatic spat between Rishi Sunak and Kyriakos Mitsotakis, triggered by the UK prime minister's abrupt cancellation of a scheduled London meeting with his Greek counterpart after the latter restated Greece's claim to the Parthenon sculptures housed in London, is not anticipated to impact the ongoing negotiations for a potential deal on the artifacts, according to British Museum officials who spoke to Kathimerini.

A British Museum trustee, speaking anonymously to the newspaper, expressed bewilderment over the incident, stating, "I am baffled as most people." However, a Museum spokesperson conveyed confidence that the recent discord would not hinder the continuing talks, largely conducted behind closed doors, for a potential agreement.

"Discussions with Greece about a Parthenon Partnership are on-going and constructive," the spokesperson said. 

"We believe...

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