EU proposes more dialogue, partnership with Türkiye

The European Commission has proposed to revive high-level dialogue and deepen cooperation with Türkiye in the fields of trade, migration as well as visa facilitation and upgrading customs while underlining the latter's strategic importance to the European Union as a regional power.

High Representative of the EU for foreign and security affairs, Josep Borrell and Commissioner responsible for enlargement Oliver Varhelyi announced a much-expected document on the state of EU-Türkiye political, economic and trade relations on Nov. 29 in Brussels.

The 17-page document which includes recommendations to the EU will be discussed at the EU Council meeting in mid-December. In the case where the member countries approve, it will become a formal document that outlines the basics of EU-Türkiye ties in the coming period.

"The EU clearly has a strategic interest to develop such a relationship with Türkiye in all possible areas, based on trust and a culture of consensus, not least against the background of broader geopolitical shifts. Efforts to bridge the key differences with Ankara must continue," read the document.

Borrell, at a press conference, underlined that although there are differences with Türkiye on foreign policy matters, there are some issues on which the two sides converge. "Türkiye and the EU both support a two-state solution in the Middle East. We can engage on this issue. We are both part of anti-DAESH coalition and cooperate in the anti-terror fight," he suggested.

One important recommendation to the EU Council is to reinstate the EU-Türkiye high-level dialogues on economy, energy and transport which were suspended in 2019 due to the tension between Ankara and Brussels over the eastern Mediterranean. But it stresses that it...

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