The Israeli Army Stormed the City of Jenin

The Israeli army stormed the West Bank city of Jenin.

Five Palestinians were injured, Al Jazeera TV reported.

According to the media, the Israeli military launched a large-scale operation in the area with more than 50 units of combat equipment.

Israeli forces have surrounded local hospitals and are searching residential areas, the TV station said.

Hamas released 12 more Israeli hostages in exchange for 30 Palestinian prisoners released by Israel. This happened on the fifth day of the ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, which continues today.

10 of the freed hostages are Israeli citizens, two are Thai. They are already in Israeli territory, the office of the Israeli Prime Minister announced. A total of 81 hostages, all women and children, have been released since the start of the truce between Israel and Hamas.

The Islamist group is trying to negotiate an extension to the ceasefire, said the representative of the political wing of Hamas, Ghazi Hamad. According to him, the group is in continuous contact with Qatar and Egypt and efforts are being made to reach a permanent ceasefire.

The Washington Post newspaper reports that the Israeli authorities are ready to extend the temporary truce for another 2-3 days. According to the publication, the Israeli authorities expect during this time to achieve the release of the majority of hostages held by Hamas. Earlier, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated that his country will continue its military campaign in Gaza to destroy Hamas after the ceasefire expires. "We have absolutely no other choice, Netanyahu emphasized.

In search of a solution to the conflict, the UN General Assembly passed a resolution calling on Israel to release the occupied Golan Heights. The...

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