Bulgarian Skies Bar Lavrov's Plane, Accusations of 'Malice' by Russia's Spokeswoman

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov arrived last night in the capital of North Macedonia, Skopje, for the meeting of his colleagues from the countries of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), as his plane bypassed Bulgaria. Although the sanctions regime allows the admission of persons punished by the EU on business trips, there were comments for several days whether the skies above the country could and should be opened on this occasion.

The reason seems to be the presence on board the plane of the spokeswoman of the foreign ministry, Maria Zakharova. She wrote in her Telegram channel that the flight through Bulgaria is impossible, since the country's permission does not apply to her personally. "A plane can fly over Bulgaria, but Maria Zakharova cannot fly on the plane," she explained.

Foreign Minister Mariya Gabriel stated a few days ago that Bulgaria will allow the plane, but has control over who is on board.

But what Zakharova wrote about Bulgaria disputes this, and quite emotionally:

"The vicious stupidity of the Russophobes reached the point that for the first time in our history the official authorities forbade not a plane, but a person in the plane, to be in the sky - this is what is written in the official note of the Bulgarian MFA: A plane can fly over Bulgaria, but Maria Zakharova cannot fly on the plane.

Nothing was said about whether I could fly over Bulgaria without a plane and whether it was possible to use outer space for this.

Now seriously. We are not just talking about stupidity, but about the dangerous stupidity of some intriguer in the power structures of Bulgaria.

The fact is that the rules of air traffic are regulated by the...

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