Greece lags behind other countries in HIV diagnosis

Greece ranks among the worst performing countries in terms of time taken to diagnose HIV patients (2.9 years on average), along with Italy, Spain, Portugal, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Slovenia, according to data from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

Greek patients also face many problems as national health services, including units that tend to HIV-positive patients, are understaffed, while there are sometimes shortages of technical equipment. 

The ECDC data showed that in 2022, new diagnoses in Europe reached 110,486, most in Eastern Europe (72%) and fewer in Western and Central Europe (20% and 8%).

According to World Health Organization figures, the number of diagnosed cases in the 51 countries in the European Region over the last three decades has reached 2.2 million. More than 620,000 diagnoses were made in the European Union over...

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