This is how Kissinger spoke about Kosovo and Metohija ​

During his rich career, he also spoke a lot about the Western Balkans, judging that Kosovo and Metohija are a "national temple" for Serbs.
Kissinger thus questioned American policy in the Balkans, saying that "there is no clear definition of US interests in the Balkans".
"Europeans should deal with events in their own backyard," Kissinger said, the Guardian recalls.
Kissinger, who was US Secretary of State from 1973 to 1977, said he "doesn't understand what America is trying to achieve in the Balkans".
"There is something very wrong about our military operation in Kosovo. So wrong that you have to wonder how Washington convinced the allies to create some kind of Balkan peace agreement between well-trodden Serbs and ethnic Albanians, when neither side wants it," Kissinger said.
He added that "that conflict has been going on for 600 years".
"Now we come and say we have solutions, and if you don't accept our solution, we're going to bomb you. I have a problem with that," Kissinger said in 1999.
He also said that the US administration's policy towards Kosovo is wrong because an independent or autonomous Kosovo would destabilize the region, the Washington Post wrote earlier.
"This is because Kosovo Albanians seek to incorporate neighboring Albanian minorities, mainly in Macedonia, and perhaps Albania itself," Kissinger told the Washington paper. He added that it was not a well thought out move, "not at all".
"The administration's plan does not include options - what if the bombing fails, what if it does not force the Yugoslav leader Miloevi to accept the peace terms he has already rejected many times", pointed out Kissinger.
When it comes to Bosnia and Herzegovina, he said that it is an artificial creation and...

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