Minister: Memorial Center will be built in "Vladislav Ribnikar"

According to her, the dynamics of decision-making and the very decision on what that center will look like, the decision of parents and experts, as well as other parties involved in this process.
"Not only is there a possibility that it will be built, but it is a decision, but conceptually and exactly what that memorial center will look like, that will be decided by the parents with the experts, that is, with those who are the most competent to send a message to everyone in the world that such horror will never happen again anywhere," said the minister, answering a journalist's question about whether there is a chance that the memorial center will be built, considering that the parents of the students of that school, yesterday from the protest they organized, asked why it was not done seven months after the tragedy.
The minister said that she spoke with the ambassador of Norway because they too had a similar tragedy, and asked how things went with them, because 12 years have passed since their tragedy.
"We need to combine something that is really called the perseverance of the memory of the innocent victims on the one hand, and on the other hand send, a certain message and support to the families. It is very delicate to find the best solution, but the Government of Serbia is very firmly behind it that we will cherish the memory of those children and always be there for their parents," said Dejanovi Djuki. When asked by a journalist how the Council of Parents of "Ribnikar" did not vote the father of the murdered girl, Branko Andjelkovi, as a member of the school board of that school, despite the recommendation of the state, the minister said that she had signed the text in which she suggested such a thing, but that the state cannot influence...

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