Serbia purchases Hitler's infamous directive that ordered attack on Yugoslavia

BELGRADE - The Republic of Serbia on Wednesday purchased Adolf Hitler's infamous Directive No. 25 of March 27, 1941, whereby the German chancellor ordered the attack on the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and the Kingdom of Greece.

Following an initiative submitted to Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic by the Genocide Victims' Museum and a subsequent request by Vucic, the Government of Serbia secured the necessary funds to purchase one of the most significant documents in the entire history of the Serbs, the government said in a statement.

Signed by Hitler, the directive consists of 13 originals, one of which is now in the possession of the Republic of Serbia.

In terms of its significance, the document, which marked the beginning of WWII in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia - unleashed in the morning of April 6, 1941 - is comparable to the telegram of Austria-Hungary's...

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