Türkiye vows to support peace in Caucasus: Top security board

Türkiye's top security board (MGK) has reiterated Ankara's continued support to the efforts for reaching a lasting peace and stability in the Caucasus through a permanent deal between Armenia and Azerbaijan and the normalization process between Türkiye and Armenia.

The National Security Council convened under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan with the participation of senior civilian and military officials late on Nov. 29.

"In addition to the issues pertaining to the conclusion of the Azerbaijan-Armenia negotiations with a permanent peace agreement and normalization of our relations with Armenia within this framework, the efforts of non-regional actors to intervene in the issue were evaluated, and it was noted that we will support any sincere efforts to establish a lasting peace that will contribute to the peace and prosperity of all countries in the region, including Armenia," read a written statement following the meeting.

Armenia and Azerbaijan are in talks for reaching a permanent peace deal following the 44-day war on 2020 which allowed the latter to save its territories from the three-decade old Armenian occupation. There are hopes that the two sides will soon accomplish talks for a deal. It is expected that this will pave the way for Türkiye and Armenia to normalize ties.

The MGK did review the situation in Gaza amid Israel's offensive that claimed the lives of more than 13,000 people, mostly children and women.

"It was pointed out that Israel will eventually be held accountable for the inhumane crimes it perpetrated in Gaza, which have since become a black mark on history, while emphasizing that the immediate cessation of attacks targeting the complete destruction of innocent civilians and the occupation of...

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