Bulgarian and Romanian MEPs Protest Against Schengen Veto in Vienna

Ilhan Kyuchyuk

Ilhan Kyuchyuk, a Bulgarian MEP representing the Renew Europe Group, alongside Romanian MEP Vlad Botos and Austrian MEP Helmut Brandstätter, are slated to stage a demonstration on December 4 in front of Vienna's Ministry of the Interior. The protest aims to challenge Austria's resistance to Bulgaria and Romania's inclusion in the Schengen area.

Expressing deep concern over Austria's veto on the Schengen membership of Bulgaria and Romania, Kyuchyuk highlighted the disappointment and discontent among citizens aspiring for equal rights within the European Union. The demonstration seeks to emphasize the collective desire for complete integration, unity, and the elimination of discriminatory barriers. Kyuchyuk believes that this stance resonates with a significant portion of Austrian society, emphasizing that it extends beyond the Schengen issue to encompass equality, respect, and adherence to principles of solidarity within the EU.

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