Bulgarian Parliament Ratified Acquisition of Stryker Combat Vehicles for Land Forces

The Bulgarian Parliament ratified an agreement on Friday for the acquisition of Stryker combat vehicles, marking a crucial step in bolstering the nation's defense capabilities. The decision, passed with 148 votes in favor, 53 against, and five abstentions, solidifies the acquisition process for the much-needed combat and service vehicles.

This international agreement, LOA BU-B-UCP, was swiftly approved in both the first and second conclusive votes during the legislative session. The ratified agreement involves acquiring 198 combat and service vehicles essential for assembling mechanized-battalion-size battlegroups.

The total projected cost for the implementation of this strategic initiative is estimated at USD 1.376 billion, equivalent to approximately USD 2.504 billion before VAT. A substantial portion of this budget, approximately USD 1.210 billion (BGN 2.02 billion pre-VAT), will be allocated for acquiring the stipulated 198 vehicles. Additionally, the budget encompasses USD 65 million (BGN 118.3 million) for artillery and small arms, along with USD 101 million (BGN 183.8 million) designated for Javelin anti-tank guided missiles.

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