Vucic: Kurti wants recognition in exchange for allowing Kosovo-Metohija Serbs to vote

DUBAI - Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Friday in Dubai Pristina's PM Albin Kurti would not allow Kosovo-Metohija Serbs to vote in the December 17 Serbian elections because he wanted the so-called Kosovo to be recognised by Serbia in exchange for giving the Serbs the right they were entitled to.

Vucic said this when asked by reporters to comment on EU calls to Pristina to ensure the Serbs can vote in the elections and Kurti's most recent statement that an inter-state agreement must be signed for that to happen.

That means "we must recognise 'Kosovo' for the Serbs to be able to participate in the elections. Full stop, nothing more and nothing less," he said, noting that "everyone in Europe" knew this.

"It is good that they will react, but we will not see a lot of benefits from that reaction. Nevertheless, I thank them for it. Therefore, there will be...

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