After the 7-Day Ceasefire: Second Day of Fighting in Gaza

For a second day, fighting continued in Gaza, which was resumed after the expiration of the seven-day truce between Israel and Hamas. The group-run health ministry in the Gaza Strip claims that more than 170 people died yesterday alone.

Israel's military said it struck "more than 200 terrorist targets" in the Gaza Strip. Rockets were also fired at Israel. Hamas and Israel have accused each other of violating the ceasefire agreement. Meanwhile, citing a source, the BBC reported that the ceasefire talks taking place in Qatar have failed.

The Israeli army has confirmed the death of six more hostages in the Gaza Strip and informed their families. An expert committee determined the deaths of the captives after an investigation and based on intelligence, Israeli forces spokesman Daniel Hagari said. According to official Israeli statistics, Hamas still holds 136 hostages, including 17 children and women, abducted from Israeli territory in the October 7 attack. It was also reported that people hiding in some areas of southern Gaza received leaflets from the Israeli army urging them to leave and head further south to Rafah, near the border with Egypt.

The UN has warned that the fighting will further worsen the extremely difficult humanitarian situation. At the same time, the organization announced that it will replace its humanitarian coordinator for the Palestinian territories, Lynn Hastings, after Israel refused to renew her visa. Canadian-born Hastings is also the deputy coordinator for the peace process in the region. She was criticized on social media by Tel Aviv for a lack of objectivity. Israel's foreign ministry earlier said it had lost confidence in the coordinator because of her continued silence on Hamas' responsibility for the...

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