Alarming Reality: 17% of Bulgarian Babies and Young Children Live in Poverty

Startling statistics unveiled by the National Statistical Institute reveal that a staggering 17% of children between the ages of 0 and 5 in Bulgaria grapple with poverty. This concerning figure emerges alongside an infant mortality rate that remains nearly double the European Union average, standing at 3.6%. The most distressing indicators loom over regions inhabited by marginalized ethnic communities.

During the conclusion of the 'Advocacy for children aged 0-3 living in poverty' project, experts underscored the myriad challenges faced by these vulnerable children. Key threats identified include an unhealthy environment, inadequate nutrition, insecurity, violence, subpar education, and the compromised health of parents. Adding to the predicament is the absence of prioritized laws, regulations, and policy frameworks aimed at nurturing early childhood development within the country.

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