Erdogan: Chance for peace in Gaza conflict lost for now

File photo.

Turkey's President Tayyip Erdogan said that the chance for peace in Gaza after the humanitarian pause was lost for now due to what he described as Israel's uncompromising approach, broadcaster NTV reported on Saturday.

"We have always emphasized that we are in favor of a permanent ceasefire rather than a humanitarian break…There was an opportunity for peace here, and unfortunately, we have lost this opportunity for now due to Israel's uncompromising approach," Erdogan was quoted as saying by NTV and other Turkish media.

The truce that started on November 24 had been extended twice. But after seven days during which women, children and foreign hostages were freed as well as a number of Palestinian prisoners, mediators failed to find a formula to release more.

Since then Israeli air strikes and artillery bombardments have hit southern Gaza, extending the nearly...

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