Weather in Bulgaria: Mild and Windy Saturday, Rain Approaching Sunday

Photo: Stella Ivanova

This Saturday is expected to bring cloudy skies and fog in the western regions of Bulgaria, while moderate south-westerly winds will persist, bringing warmer temperatures across the country. However, the eastern parts and mountainous areas may experience strong and gusty winds. Anticipate minimum temperatures ranging from 0°C in the west to 14°C in the southeast, around 4°C in Sofia. Maximum temperatures will vary from 5-7°C in the northwest to a balmy 20°C in the southeast, reaching up to 15°C in the capital.

Over along the Black Sea coast, the weather will be predominantly sunny and windy, with temperatures likely to soar between 18-21°C, while the sea temperature hovers around 10°C with a swell of 3.

Expect robust southwesterly winds sweeping over the mountains, where temperatures could reach up to 17°C at 1,200 meters and 9°C at 2,000 meters.

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