Meloni: "We will be with Serbia"; Vučić: "We will appreciate the support" PHOTO/VIDEO

She was met at the airport by the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vui.
After a formal welcome in front of the Palace of Serbia, the tete-a-tete meeting between the Italian Prime Minister and the Serbian President began.
After the meeting, Meloni and Vui addressed the public.
"I want to express my immense gratitude to the Prime Minister for visiting Serbia. Serbia and Italy have extremely good economic relations, our trade exchange is 4.6 billion euros, and I believe that our cooperation can be even greater in the future," said Vui.
"I am grateful for Italy's essential and persistent support on Serbia's European path and that Giorgia Meloni always had time to listen to what Serbia had to say and that she did not have a one-sided approach to problems in the region," he added.
As he said, Serbia has other important meetings coming up in the coming period. "Meloni is one of the greatest leaders, which she proves with her magnificent talent," said Vui.
"The Stellantis Generator company could, in addition to the production of the Panda, be a generator in the auto industry. I especially expressed my appreciation for all the foreign policy efforts in the direction of solving the crises in the Western Balkans, I pointed out that Italy approaches solving the problem objectively and fundamentally. I hope that we will have an even greater Italy's role in solving the problem," said Vui.
He also added that Serbia will know that it appreciates Italian support, and said that after the address they would go to lunch.
"Here in Serbia, you can say what you want, we will answer, but we will be nice. The only real insult is to be told that we were not good hosts. Welcome to Serbia," said Vui to Meloni.

Giorgia Meloni's address

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