Veteran diplomat Zacharakis, 84, dies

Retired diplomat and former European Parliament MP Christos Zacharakis has died. He was 84.

During a 35-year career as a diplomat, Zacharakis served as ambassador to Nicosia (1979-86), permanent representative to NATO (1986-89), ambassador to Washington (1989-93), General Secretary of the Foreign Ministry (1993-94), permanent representative to the United Nations (1994-99) and ambassador to London (1999).

Shortly after his appointment to this latest post, Zacharakis resigned in order to run in the European Parliament elections on the list of conservative New Democracy. He served as an MEP for one term (1999-2004), but remarked, in a volume of memoirs published in 2008, that the post of MEP has been "deliberately trivialized in our country." He served as Vice-Chairman of the European Parliament's Committee on Foreign Affairs, Human Rights, Common Security and Defence...

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