Veteran MEP Papadimoulis joins defecting SYRIZA MPs

European Parliament Vice-President Dimitris Papadimoulis said Sunday he will represent in that assembly the new Parliamentary group created by 11 MPs who defected from the main opposition SYRIZA party.

"Wanting to be consistent with my course inside the Left, I chose to support the party under formation and the new parliamentary group which will complete its formation Monday," Papadimoulis told TV station ANT1.

"It is obvious that I will represent the group in the European Parliament for the few remaining months, since I have declared years ago that my current, third term will be the final one," Papadimoulis, 68, added.

He said that, by changing party affiliation, he will "not deviate in the least" from the program on the basis of which he was elected in 2019. He will continue to caucus with GUE/NGL, the Europealiament's left-wing group.


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