Weather in Bulgaria: Cold and New Precipitation of Rain and Snow in the Next Hours

Photo: Stella Ivanova

Cloudiness will be significant today. Rainfall will begin from the northwest, which will also cover the extreme southeastern regions, there it will be accompanied by thunder. There will be more significant quantities in places in Eastern Bulgaria.

At night in the western half of the Danube plain, the wind will be oriented from the northwest, in the afternoon in the southeastern regions it will be from the north-northeast, and colder air will invade with it.

In the evening and overnight Monday, as the cold continues, the rain in the central and eastern parts of the Danube Plain and the mountain areas will change to snow, there will be a thin snow cover and there will be conditions for blizzards and winds. Temperatures will have a small diurnal variation from 3-4°C in the northwest to around 20°C in the southeast, where a strong southwest wind will continue to blow before noon.

It will be mostly cloudy along the Black Sea coast and it will rain in the afternoon, which will mix with snow in some places on the night of Monday. A moderate and temporarily strong southwesterly wind will blow, which along the Northern Black Sea coast will be oriented from the west-northwest before noon. Maximum temperatures: 14-20°C. The temperature of the sea water is about 10°C. The excitement of the sea will be 2-3 points.

In the mountains, it will be cloudy with precipitation mainly from snow, below 1800 meters from rain, but even there by the end of the day the rain will change to snow. The wind will be oriented from the west-northwest and will be moderate. Cold air will come with it and daytime temperatures will drop significantly in the afternoon. The maximum temperature at an altitude of 1200 meters will be around 7°C, at 2000 meters - around 4°C.


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