Türkiye’s first female super character unveiled

Türkiye's first female superhero cartoon character "Super Selma" counts the days to be released on digital platforms.

Selma Atam, the creator of the Super Selma character, stated that they created a local and national character because of the insufficient cartoon content.

The cartoon character, which emerged after a long-term work, aims to touch the imagination and daily lives of children and will be released on digital platforms on Dec. 23.

Atam, who brought the cartoon character to life after long efforts, said, "It was a project I had been dreaming about for years. I wanted to contribute to our country by creating a character. First of all, I am a businesswoman and mother. I have two children and I found the cartoons they watched inadequate as a mother and I wanted to create something in this sense. I realized this project after I dreamed of what I could do better and more useful for them. I finally finished it. For the first time in Türkiye, I created a female character with superpowers, and this character is our own brand, a brand that belongs to Türkiye. We will provide jobs and employment to many people."

Stating that her source of inspiration was herself while creating the cartoon character, Atam said, "I raised two children as a single woman, and during this period, I was trying to keep up with everything around me. My business life was extremely busy, and I was the manager of a very large team. People were asking me how I was dealing with home, children and work. And I was telling them, 'I'm super.' Then I wanted to do it with my own name. We will turn Super Selma into a brand."

Atam stated that she made sure that the cartoon character was an instructive one for children, adding, "She is the daughter of a normal family....

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