Bulgaria: Defense Committee Rejects President's Veto on APCs for Ukraine

The President's veto on the Law on the Ratification of the Agreement by which Bulgaria provides APCs to Ukraine free of charge was rejected by the Defense Committee. With 11 votes "for" and 4 "against", the deputies again supported the law.

President Rumen Radev returned for a new discussion in parliament the Law on the ratification of the agreement by which Bulgaria provides armored personnel carriers to Ukraine free of charge.

In the reasons of the head of state, it is noted that the deputies are not sufficiently familiar with the specific parameters of the donation, which makes it impossible to objectively assess whether the equipment is no longer necessary. According to him, the provided equipment is highly passable and could be used to guard the Bulgarian border and to provide assistance in the event of disasters and accidents.

According to the defense minister, the president's reasons for imposing the veto are not related to the Ministry of Defense, because "the machines are owned by the Ministry of the Interior." He added that the army had shown no interest in the armored personnel carrier.

Tagarev again pointed out that the APCs are no longer necessary and specified that these are not machines that Ukrainian soldiers can use to attack, but they can be used by the troops for territorial defense and they work in mild conditions.

Regarding their transportation, the Minister of Defense indicated that three ministries are involved - of transport and communications, of internal affairs and of defense. It became clear from Tagarev's words that the question of who will bear the costs was not discussed.

"Vazrazhdane" supported the president's veto.

"The very fact that the machines will be used by Ukraine...

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