Bulgarian PM Announces Drop in Inflation to Pre-War Levels

Nikolai Denkov

Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov revealed a decline in inflation rates to pre-war figures (the war in Ukraine) during a government meeting earlier today. Denkov reported a decrease from 6% in October 2021 to 5.8% this October, signaling an encouraging shift in the economic landscape.

Highlighting the strides made in the first six months of his administration, Denkov emphasized the government's implementation of measures ensuring competitive prices for essential commodities. "We've prioritized stability and aimed to meet public expectations for a government dedicated to the welfare of its people and businesses," he stated.

Despite acknowledging the challenges faced, including longstanding issues, political hurdles, and misinformation campaigns, Denkov expressed confidence in his team's capabilities. "We were prepared for the difficulties and the uncertainties in garnering support. Nonetheless, our unwavering teamwork demonstrates our commitment," he added.

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