Countdown starts for Antalya Piano Festival

The 23rd International Antalya Piano Festival will bring together Turkish and foreign stars of classical music, jazz and flamenco with audiences.

The 23rd International Antalya Piano Festival, organized by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, will be held between Dec. 9 and 22.

The festival will once again bring together Turkish and foreign stars of classical music, jazz and flamenco with music lovers in the southern province of Antalya. This year, the festival will also be organized in various districts.

Fahir Atakoğlu & Selda Bağcan accompanied by the Antalya State Symphony Orchestra (ADSO), Anjelika Akbar, Queenz of Piano, Dorantes, Candan Erçetin & ADSO, Selin Şekeranber and Yudum Çetiner - Duo Blanc & Noir, Havasi, Can Saraç, Igudesman & Joo and Gülsin Onay will take the stage at the event.

"We have organized important events to make Antalya the capital of culture and arts and that the International Piano Festival is a great power in this sense," Antalya Mayor Muhittin Böcek said.

"Antalya is the city of culture and arts, the city of festivals. Festivals must be kept above politics. The International Piano Festival grows every year, raising the bar higher than the previous year. This year, the eyes of the whole world will be on this important art event," he added.

This year, the festival enthusiasm started with city events, with a concert by Aurelien Froissart, the talented pianist of young generation. Having more than 1 million followers on social media with his piano videos, he makes classical music accessible to the public. His first concert in Antalya, took place at the Clock Tower on Dec. 2 and at the Glass Pyramid on Dec. 3.

The band Il Grande Piano, whose videos have been watched by millions and...

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