EU Membership Viewed Positively by Most Bulgarians

Photo: Stella Ivanova

Most Bulgarians express satisfaction and see benefits from Bulgaria's EU membership, as indicated by the latest Eurobarometer survey presented by the European Parliament. The survey highlights that 72 percent of EU citizens, including 57 percent of Bulgarians, perceive their country as benefiting from its participation in the Community. Similarly, 61 percent in the EU (48 percent in Bulgaria) regard EU membership as positive, while 28 percent (38 percent in Bulgaria) hold neutral views, and 10 percent (12 percent in Bulgaria) express negative opinions.

European values such as democracy and human rights are significant for EU citizens, with 38 percent prioritizing democracy and 27 percent valuing the protection of human rights and freedom of speech. In Bulgaria, freedom of movement tops the list at 40 percent, followed by the rule of law (30 percent) and empathy among EU nations (28 percent).

Furthermore, the survey reflects that 70 percent of EU citizens, including 61 percent in Bulgaria, believe that EU actions impact their daily lives. Looking ahead to the upcoming elections for MEPs in June, 68 percent in the EU (51 percent in Bulgaria) express willingness to vote, while 14 percent (19 percent in Bulgaria) remain undecided, and 16 percent (30 percent in Bulgaria) state they will abstain from voting.

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