Spanish Police Nab Bulgarian Mafia Leader in Sevilla Football Club Extortion Case

Spanish authorities apprehended Ivo "El Bulgaro," the alleged head of the notorious Bulgarian mafia group "Rompecostillas" (Bone Crushers), in connection with an extortion attempt targeting a Sevilla football club executive, as reported by Telecinco TV.

The Bulgarian national stands accused of coercing the club's director into paying a hefty EUR 500,000 sum. The extortion revolves around an outstanding debt following Sevilla's decision to decline a scheduled tour to Mexico. The extortionists, allegedly representing a violent Mexican cartel, demanded the payment in 2019, with Ivo identified as the primary suspect.

Ivo "El Bulgaro" was apprehended in Madrid, seized from a residence in one of the city's districts. Additionally, authorities detained four others, including a lawyer, believed to have links to the case.

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