Bulgaria: No Compensation Owed for Recent Power Outages Caused by Snowfall

Electricity distribution operators will not be compensating users for power outages triggered by heavy snowfall across Bulgaria, Energy Minister Rumen Radev confirmed during a parliamentary hearing.

The severe weather conditions, including strong winds and heavy snow on November 25 and 26, led to road closures, damaged power lines, and disrupted electricity supply in various regions, notably affecting northern areas with outages lasting for days.

Radev clarified that compensation is provided by operators only for outages exceeding 24 hours due to faults within their control. However, in cases of emergencies beyond their authority, such as force majeure events like the late November snowstorm, operators are exempt from compensations.

The Energy Minister approved controlled power outages for two distribution companies in western and northern Bulgaria, allowing them to manage potential major emergencies along the grid. Controlled outages can last up to 48 hours as per ministerial orders and are implemented to prevent severe disruptions.

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