Bulgarians Rank High for Work Hours in the EU

A recent study by France's Rexecode Institute has shed light on the work habits of Europeans, placing Bulgarians near the top of the list for work hours among EU citizens. The findings, published on Wednesday, revealed that Bulgarians worked an average of 1,993 hours a year in 2022, trailing just behind Romania in this respect.

The data starkly contrasts with the EU average of 1,679 hours logged by workers last year, showcasing Bulgaria's noteworthy dedication to work hours. Romania secured the top spot with 2,029 hours, followed closely by Greece at 1,979 hours.

Interestingly, several EU nations fell below the average in terms of annual work hours. Among these were the citizens of the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Austria, and Germany, where individuals worked an average of 1,600 hours annually.

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