Deliberate deception?

According to reports, it was a long-term plan of deception, and Hamas was providing Israeli services with intelligence about Islamic Jihad, another terrorist organization in Gaza.
As the "Times of Israel" reports, the cooperation allegedly arose during the May operation "Guardian of the Walls", that is, the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.
Hamas stayed out of the fighting and saw increased economic incentives afterward, leading Israeli officials to believe the organization was not interested in the conflict. This allowed Hamas to launch an attack on Israel on October 7.
On the other hand, the American media also wrote that they had knowledge that Israel actually knew what Hamas was up to, but did not react in time, which is why security officials were severely criticized in public.
Not long after, Hamas released a video in which they announced what they claimed were preparations for a horrific incursion into Israeli territory on October 7. From the video shown, it can be seen that the preparations began more than a year ago and that the main "ties" took place right next to the border of Israel, whose intelligence services are considered among the most serious in the world.

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