The last warning fell flat; If Ukraine falls, American troops will fight the Russians

"Congress must approve additional funds for Ukraine before members go on vacation. It's simple," said U.S. President Joseph Biden.
By refusing to do so, Biden added, Congress is willing to give Putin the biggest gift he could hope for.
Biden recalled Russia's war crimes in Ukraine, from the abduction of children to the destruction of civilian infrastructure.
"If Putin takes over Ukraine, he will not stop there. It is important to see the long-term path here. He will continue. He said that quite clearly. If Putin attacks a NATO ally, and we have committed, as a NATO member, to defend every inch of NATO territory, then we will have something that we are not looking for, and that we do not have today, U.S. troops in the fight against Russian troops," Biden said.
US President also emphasized that the US cannot allow Russia to win, and Washington's failure to help Ukraine "clearly strengthens Putin's position".
However, despite the fiery speech of the U.S. President, the Senate still refused to adopt the proposal on aid to Ukraine and Israel in the amount of 105 billion dollars.

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