Constitutional Amendments Move Forward with Emphasis on Judiciary Independence

The National Assembly has taken a significant step by passing the Bill for Amendment and Supplement to the Constitution during its initial reading. This comprehensive amendment introduces pivotal reforms aimed at bolstering the independence of the judiciary, restructuring the Supreme Judicial Council, reforming the Prosecutor's Office, and refining the institution of caretaker cabinets. Notably, the bill enjoys support from WCC-DB, GERB-SDS, and DPS.

GERB leader Boyko Borissov articulated intentions to engage in discussions with WCC-DB and DPS regarding a previously rejected proposal concerning the appointment of ministers with dual citizenship. Borisov highlighted the potential of leveraging Bulgarians living abroad, citing the expertise and success many of them possess. He remarked, "There are many successful Bulgarians who would not want to change their dual citizenship, but we could use them as ministers, and they would be successful."

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