The islands above all

A handout photo made available by the Greek Defense Ministry shows Defense Minister Nikos Dendias (r) welcoming his Turkish counterpart, Yasar Guler, during their meeting at the Hellenic Armed Forces Officers Club in Athens, Thursday. [EPA]

In international politics, it is a fundamental principle that positive relations between states do not stem from threats. While fear may deter unpleasant situations, it does not herald anything constructive. A strong relationship is built upon mutual understanding and the acknowledgment that coexistence and collaboration are possible despite differences. Ideally, resolving disparities is preferable, but advanced states thrive by surmounting such challenges.

Greece's differences with Turkey are not insignificant; they are well-known and have persisted for nearly 70 years. Multiple generations have come of age in both countries during periods of heightened crises that, on three occasions, brought Greece and Turkey to the brink of war. While the majority of Greeks and Turks advocate for peaceful coexistence, there are contentious issues where neither side can easily compromise,...

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