Weather Advisory: Exercise Caution for Mountain Hiking on Saturday

The Mountain Rescue Service has issued a cautionary report for mountain hiking enthusiasts planning outings on Saturday. Anticipating poor weather conditions, the Service advises against undertaking hiking activities due to precarious circumstances in the mountains.

According to the Service's morning report, temperatures are expected to range between minus 7°C and minus 3°C, signaling wintry conditions above 1,800 meters. The existing snow cover has solidified, posing a heightened risk of slipping, particularly in these areas.

A key concern highlighted by the Rescue Service is the heightened danger of avalanches, urging individuals to avoid zones susceptible to avalanche activity for safety.

The National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology forecasts a gradual decrease in cloud cover throughout Saturday, with the likelihood of partly sunny conditions in the afternoon. Weather patterns indicate moderate east-northeasterly winds in the morning, shifting to southerly winds by afternoon. The temperature forecast predicts highs of 3°C at 1,200 meters and minus 3°C at 2,000 meters.

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