Appeals delay major public projects

Appeals by residents or local government bodies (or both), disputes between companies, and service delays in the delivery of required spaces for the establishment of construction sites - e.g. due to the need for expropriations - are just a few examples of the issues that continue to derail the timetables of most of the country's major projects.

According to the latest report by the Court of Auditors, which was published last March and studied 1,162 public projects of 24 entities, between January 1, 2017 and the end of March 2021, it emerged that on average public projects need 2.5 times more time to complete compared to the conventional execution time.

Extensions were given to two thirds of all the projects checked. The projects were commissioned by agencies such as the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, Erga OSE, Ktiriakes Ypodomes, Egnatia Odos,...

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