Greeks wait for 2-for-1 offers


Many Greek consumers who are looking for ways to reduce their expenses in order to cope with daily basic needs are now moving toward cheaper brands, offers, as well as cutting some purchases.

Inflation has eaten away at a portion of Greek consumers' income, with 51% saying they have cut out certain purchases altogether in an effort to save money for the next 12 months. The corresponding percentage in other countries worldwide is lower and amounts to 33% on average.

According to a recent international research by Focus Bari titled "How Inflation Affects Purchasing Power and Consumer Habits," which presents the trends in Greece compared to 18 other countries (France, China, Poland, Spain, UK, Australia, US, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates etc), 62% of Greek consumers, compared to 34% in other countries, choose cheaper brands, while 58% of Greeks, compared to 22%...

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