Dodik announced: "I am going to vote on the elections in Serbia, my vote goes to SNS"

He said that the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vui, made Serbia powerful and strong.
Dodik pointed out that Srpska is interested in a strong Serbia, which is an inspiration and strength for it.
Milorad Dodik pointed out that Aleksandar Vui is the first Serbian president who established concrete forms of cooperation and assistance to the Republika Srpska.
He recalled that Serbia financially helps municipalities, numerous schools, kindergartens and other facilities, being hosted on "Happy" Television.
Dodik emphasized that today Serbia is both strong and the most democratic country. "You have people who constantly work and talk against Serbia, who are financed by the West, with the aim of making Serbia unstable, because it does not suit them when it is stable and strong," he said, adding that history is full of examples of turning Serbs against Serbs and then the country was unstable. Dodik pointed out that this is not the case today, and that bothers the West as they don't want to see it.
"Traitors cannot pass with the Serbs. That's why I will go to the elections in Serbia and I will vote for the SNS, for the simple reason that I think it is the best that Serbia has. It would be good if the SNS wins both republican and local government, because we see that Serbia is constantly being constructed. There is Belgrade Waterfront, a new railway station, highways and other big projects. Politicians are measured by what they left behind," said Dodik.

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