Israel Is Not Considering A Ceasefire In Gaza

White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan will be in Israel today and tomorrow.

The UN has again emphasized that the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip is catastrophic. According to the Palestinian side, 18,600 people died in the Israeli operation against Hamas.

The population of the Gaza Strip, subjected to weeks of incessant bombardment by the Israeli army, "has no more time or options," warned the head of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East, Philippe Lazzarini. He added that Gazans are now crammed into less than a third of the original territory they occupied.

The city of Rafah on the Egyptian border has grown from 280,000 residents to "more than one million people".

Israel will continue the war against the radical Palestinian movement Hamas, whether it has international support or not.

A ceasefire at this stage would be a gift to the terrorist organization Hamas and would give it the opportunity to return and threaten the country's residents, said Foreign Minister Eli Cohen. Earlier, the US president warned that Israel was beginning to lose support because of the indiscriminate bombing.

Joe Biden met with the families of some of the eight Americans believed to have been captured by Hamas in the bloody October 7 attack on Israel. Then about 1,200 people were killed and over 240 were kidnapped.

A week-long truce allowed over a hundred hostages to be exchanged for Palestinian prisoners, but the others remain in Gaza. Biden's national security adviser Jake Sullivan will be in the region today and tomorrow.

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