Viktor Orban and the room where it happens

It seems too good to be true, that the leaders of the European Union's member states managed to agree on the start of Ukraine's (and Moldova's) accession process, using a simple trick to avoid a veto from Hungary. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz asked the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban to leave the European Council's hall, "to go for coffee," allowing the other 26 leaders to take their momentous decision and Orban to proclaim that he did not agree with it. "Hungary does not want to be part of this bad decision," he declared later. Orban claimed, also, that he can still obstruct Ukraine's long road to accession, even though his country is to receive 10 billion euros in funds that the EU had frozen because of his government's undermining of Hungarian institutions. 

At first glance, all are winners. Ukraine can hope for EU accession, the Union made a step toward attaining...

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