Istanbul Europe's 2nd brightest Christmas city: Research

Istanbul clinched the second position among Europe's most brilliantly illuminated Christmas cities in the month of December, according to research conducted by a U.K.-based company that focussed on the utilization of outdoor artificial lights during nighttime.

In an endeavor to identify the European city most ardently devoted to Christmas lights, Reboot SEO Agency conducted a comprehensive investigation into urban areas experiencing the most substantial surge in luminosity, predominantly propelled by outdoor nocturnal artificial illumination. The research involved exploring the disparity in illumination rates between October and December, leading to an inference about the usage of lighting during the Christmas season.

The research, utilizing NASA's Black Marble nighttime lights dataset, pinpointed Milan as the European city with the highest enthusiasm for Christmas lights, boasting a remarkable 69.25 percent increase in brightness from October to December.

Trailing closely in second place, Istanbul recorded a 69.14 percent surge in brightness during the festive season, positioning the historic city with one of the highest average brightness in Europe for the month of December.

Securing the third position is Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, with a notable 67.57 percent increase in brightness throughout the Christmas month. Despite heightened power consumption for festive lighting, Ljubljana maintains one of the lowest average brightness levels in Europe during October.

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