‘Potpourri of viruses’ doubles emergency visits

With a surge in viral infections seen amid the ongoing cold and damp winter weather, an infectious diseases specialist has warned of a "virus potpourri," as the number of patients in emergency units with upper respiratory tract infections has doubled in recent days. 

"There is an increase in the presence and course of upper respiratory tract infections and flu infections brought about by seasonal change. Additionally, the Health Ministry evaluated that the current outbreak is not caused by a single virus. We are experiencing a potpourri of viruses," professor Mustafa Doğan said.

Stating that upper respiratory infections may last long, Doğan said, "Naturally, a person who recovers from an infection may be exposed to a different agent after a while. Therefore, the course of diseases becomes a little longer. We may encounter prolonged fever and patients may seem to recover and then experience recurring symptoms."

Doğan said that in collective living environments, children are especially vulnerable and that the viruses children bring home may circulate within the family.

Doğan advised patients to implement social distancing, practice symptomatic treatment, eat nutritious food, stay hydrated, sleep well, and avoid digital devices and electronics. He also suggested parents not to send their children with signs of an infection to school.

"For children experiencing severe cases, it may be necessary to hospitalize and follow up with the child to avoid complications and additional bacterial infections," Doğan added.

Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) has classified JN.1, a sub-variant of the coronavirus seen in many countries around the world, as a "variant of interest" due to its rapid spread.

Experts say that the...

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