Piksi for B92.net: ''I wasn't myself anymore...'' VIDEO

In less than three years, Piksi managed to take the "eagles" to the World Cup in Qatar and the EURO in Germany, thus becoming the first man since Ivica Osim to lead the national team to two consecutive major competitions.
Also, Serbia entered the elite rank of the League of Nations, but despite these successes, many turbulences and problems accompanied Stojkovi's tenure so far.
We discussed this in detail in a half-hour interview, which B92.net readers will have the opportunity to see and read for the first time on Thursday morning.
Until then, we reveal only a part of the conversation with the national coach, who did not shy away from admitting his mistakes and revealing who and in what way influenced his work.

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Upon arrival in Qatar - shock

"Qatar came at a bad time for us. But not because of the calendar and because it was November, but at a bad moment, because we had players who were not ready to carry a competition of that kind, of that intensity, on their shoulders. Maybe it was my fault that I didn't inform you earlier, the media, and say, "People, let me just tell you and let the public know, don't expect much, we're going there, but the medical imaging doesn't give me the energy because I knew what awaited us. It's the cream of the football and you have to be more than one hundred percent ready. We were in a deficit and in the first training session, when we got there, I didn't have seven or eight players in training. That was shocking to me!
He apostrophized that he was particularly affected by the events immediately before leaving for Qatar. "I'll tell you honestly - everything that happened before Qatar, those...

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