Bulgaria-Turkey Border to Become World's Busiest by 2025

Bulgarian-Turkish border @Ministry of Defense

Yavor Serafimov, Director of the General Directorate Combating Organised Crime, revealed a substantial drop in human trafficking across the country's borders, marking a 50% decrease since mid-year. Speaking on bTV, Serafimov highlighted that while no border is impenetrable, the Bulgaria-Turkey land border stands as the world's second busiest and Europe's most active. He anticipates it will claim the title of the busiest global border by 2025.

At the onset of the year, the Directorate reported a sharp 50% rise in migrant influx compared to 2022, with some days seeing 1,500 detained migrants. However, this trend shifted notably by September. The decreased traffic is attributed to heightened border controls, established checkpoints near the Romanian and Serbian borders, and proactive raids. Serafimov emphasized that the migration channels have rerouted through Greece and North Macedonia due to increased vigilance along Bulgaria's interior.

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