Traffickers use new routes from Egypt, Libya

The intense use of new migrant routes from the coasts of Egypt and Libya to Gavdos, just south of Crete, has been recorded in recent months, while increased migration pressure has also been observed in the southeast Aegean and in particular Kos. 

The island of Gavdos, where there had been no migration flows in recent years, has seen an upsurge between October and Thursday, with seven incidents involving irregular migrants having been recorded. 

These are groups of 20-30 people, mostly men, who cross the Eastern Mediterranean in small wooden or plastic boats.

On November 12, for example, one such boat with 33 migrants was spotted sailing south of Gavdos. They were initially picked up by a passing tanker and then transported by lifeguard to Sfakia, southern Crete. They had sailed from Libya having paid $4,000 to the traffickers. In at least three cases, migrants...

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