Europe has never had interest in proving Dick Marty's claims - Italian journalist

BELGRADE - Maria Lina Veca, an Italian journalist and researcher who was among the first in the world to uncover the story of organ trafficking in Kosovo-Metohija, says Europe has never had a genuine interest in prosecuting those responsible for these crimes, and notes that the last hope of this ever happening is dashed following Dick Marty's death.

Marty, the former Council of Europe rapporteur who investigated crimes committed by the "Kosovo Liberation Army" and organ trafficking in Kosovo-Metohija, died last Thursday aged 78.

"Marty's immense investigative work, testimonies, evidence, and financial analyses that indisputably proved the involvement of 'KLA' leaders in organ trafficking suddenly became useless," Lina Veca told Kosovo Online.

"This became apparent with the initiation of the first indictments before the Specialist Chambers in Kosovo in The...

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