Greek shipowner seeks US government help with tanker seized by Iran

Empire Navigation Inc, the Greek shipowner of an oil tanker seized by Iran, said it sought any help from the US government in regaining control of its vessel in a US court filing on Thursday.

For nearly a year, the tanker has been a lightening rod in tensions between Tehran and the Washington, which has long imposed sanctions on Iranian oil over its nuclear program. Iran says the program is for peaceful purposes.

The US Department of Justice had seized the tanker at sea last April when it was carrying Iranian oil and was called the Suez Rajan.

US authorities brought the tanker to the US Gulf Coast and it unloaded the oil after months of delays. The tanker was then renamed the St Nikolas and Empire Navigation continued to operate it under the new name.

Iran seized the St Nikolas on Thursday as it carried Iraqi crude destined for Turkey. The move was in...

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