Day 693 of the Invasion of Ukraine: Belarus Included The Use Of Nuclear Weapons In Its New Military Doctrine

Day 693 of the invasion of Ukraine. Summary of key events in the last 24 hours:

  • Russian missiles hit the city of Kharkiv
  • Belarus has included the use of nuclear weapons in its new military doctrine
  • Slovakia to resume military supplies to Ukraine
  • Von der Leyen is confident that there will be an agreement on the EU budget and aid to Ukraine
  • Ukraine's goal in 2024 is to "drive" Russia out of its skies, Kuleba said in Davos
  • Accused of murdering Russian military blogger Vladlen Tatarsky, claims she was lied to about handing him a package with a wiretap

Russian missiles hit the city of Kharkiv

Russian missiles hit the city of Kharkiv. 17 people were injured. Last night, the southern Ukrainian city of Odesa was also attacked by drones from the Black Sea. Earlier, French President Emmanuel Macron announced plans for his country to deliver dozens of missiles and hundreds of bombs to Ukraine.

The condition of two of the injured in Kharkiv is serious. Homes were severely damaged, local officials said. Rescue teams searched through piles of debris to check for other casualties. The city's mayor, Igor Terekhov, described two "powerful explosions" and said at least 10 homes were damaged. According to him, the rockets hit "exactly where there is no military infrastructure, but in fact there are homes". The Emergency Situations Service of Ukraine reported on Telegram that one of the rockets hit a three-story building that previously housed a medical center.

Last night, the city of Odesa was also attacked with drones, there are three wounded. This...

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