Bulgarian Language Proficiency Now Crucial for Citizenship!

The parliamentary legal committee has recently introduced pivotal amendments to the Law on Bulgarian Citizenship, placing renewed emphasis on language proficiency as a mandatory criterion for acquiring Bulgarian citizenship. Under the proposals brought forth by the Council of Ministers, individuals of Bulgarian origin and those with a parent who has obtained Bulgarian citizenship must now showcase fluency in the Bulgarian language. With unanimous support, the amendments in the first reading usher in a series of comprehensive changes to citizenship eligibility.

This legislative shift marks a significant move toward aligning citizenship requirements with language proficiency, emphasizing the importance of linguistic integration into the cultural identity of the nation. The proposed amendments also extend their reach into legal dimensions, specifying criteria related to individuals facing criminal proceedings and those with outstanding financial obligations to the Bulgarian state or its entities.

Another key aspect of the draft law introduces a provision allowing the cancellation of naturalization in cases involving systematic and deliberate actions that harm the prestige of Bulgaria. This includes instances of hate speech or acts against the Bulgarian state, its citizens, or Bulgarian communities abroad. The inclusion of such a provision underscores the government's commitment to safeguarding national interests and preserving the nation's reputation.

In addition to these adjustments, the proposed legislative reforms suggest the removal of the Advisory Council at the Executive Agency for Bulgarians Abroad, signaling a more streamlined approach to matters related to citizenship. Furthermore, plans have been outlined for the ceremonial presentation...

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