The GamStop Paradox: Are Problem Gamblers Really Stopping?

Gambling is a complex activity with definite risks, and a gambler's ability to hold their betting habits under control is crucial for the security of their finances, jobs, and even family relationships. The GamStop initiative was introduced in 2018 as a self-exclusion solution for players who face problems with uncontrollable gambling behaviour.

For several years, the scheme has been used in all UK online casinos with licenses from the Gambling Commission. Some players justify the system with evidence that it truly helped them cope with addictive patterns. However, the GamStop receives much more criticism than praise.

The reaction was that most UK gamblers looked awry at the initiative. A popular trend in the country is a non-GamStop online gambling site. Let's finally answer the question of whether GamStop is actually effective. We'll also explain how secure UK-friendly sites without GamStop work.

Effectiveness of GamStop

When it comes to the efficacy of GamStop, there's a lack of independent surveys to estimate the real influence of the system. Recently, GamStop has ordered the research from Sonnet, a British Advisory and Impact CIC, and its results were pretty positive:

How many respondents considered GamStop a positive measure?


How many participants proved the effectiveness of GamStop?


How many gamblers quit or reduced online gambling?


How many respondents sensed that GamStop helped them control their gambling habits more?


How many participants reported reduced stress and anxiety thanks to the self-exclusion measure from GamStop?


How many players witnessed improved relationships with their families?


How many...

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