New MİT exhibition celebrates agency’s 97 years

In celebration of the 97th anniversary of the National Intelligence Organization (MİT), the "Temas Istanbul" exhibition has opened its doors at the Ataturk Cultural Center (AKM) on Jan. 19, in which a collection of unique listening and surveillance objects such as shoes, watches, ties, and scales can be found.

The exhibition, tracing MİT's 97-year history under the conceptual frameworks of Homeland, Tradition, Future, and Pride, differs from its 2018 counterpart in Ankara. Zihni Tümer, the curator, emphasized relocating transcripts from the closed museum unit within the organization's premises in Ankara to the public museum unit in Istanbul.

Among the highlights of the exhibit is a holographic message from MİT President İbrahim Kalın, inviting young individuals to join the organization and explore career opportunities. The exhibition will be on display until Feb. 11.

The MİT's fascinating listening and surveillance devices showcased in the "Temas Istanbul" exhibition include but are not limited to a range of covert tools: The "Bug" discovered in 2011 at PM Erdogan's Keçiören residence, featured embedded radio transmitters in power outlets. The "Shoe," used between 1967 and 1989, features hidden radio transmitters and contact microphones in shoe heels. "Robot ties" came with a disguised camera which captured images during operations. While the "Pen" and the "Wristwatch" equipped with battery compartments and sound transmitters, were used for covert listening in various operations.

The "Temas Istanbul" exhibition invites the public to explore the exciting and intricate world of intelligence and surveillance, shedding light on MİT's pivotal role in national security.

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